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You can set Caller IDs for the device, a user, or for an entire account. If a user has unique DIDs they have to be set individually. Setting it up is very easy, just follow this guide.

  1. On your Smart PBX dashboard, click in the Users panel.
  2. Select User Features32
  3. Once you’re in User Features, please enable Caller ID by pressing the Caller ID Number button. 33
  4. You can now select your Caller ID and manage it to your preference. Click on the Save button if you’re finished.


1. You should set up a general account Caller ID in order for features to properly work.

2. Please make sure that Caller ID is set accordingly so the “Emergency Caller ID” indicated for 911 on the account to function.

3. If you’re a business and you want to avoid your customers to call back your representatives directly, you can set your Caller IDs as departments such as Customer Service, etc. You can consider displaying the group’s main number and the specific number of the representative.


It is essential that you know how to send your Caller ID because it is complex such as it can be set in different or multiple places. There are some protocols in the program that needs to be followed in order to display the Caller ID. Here are the things you should keep in mind when setting up:

  1. Use the Caller ID if it is set clearly on the device as it will be essential there are different locations to a single user.
  2. In the event that No Caller ID was determined to the device, we need to check the user of the device if the Caller ID is set. Assuming this is the case, utilize it. Similar Caller IDs in each of the devices will now be permitted for a single user, regardless of the possibility that they change their device or use Hot-Desking to log in and out of a device.
  3. When the tips above won’t suit check if the Caller ID on the account is activated, and if it is active, please go ahead and use it. It will use a generic account that is called the “main number”. However, you will always have the option to not set Caller IDs on any user or device so the will always have everyone’s caller ID to appear the exact same way across the whole account or if there are phones that don’t have a direct dial number or does not want the ID to appear, you can have this option as a last choice.

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