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Conference Bridge is a feature in our system that allows you to communicate with two or more people in a single phone call.

To set up a Conference Bridge is very easy, just follow these very simple steps:

  1. On your Smart PBX dashboard, click the Main Number option below the Dashboard.
  2. Once you’re in the Main Number, select the Main Conference Number and assign a spare number to the conference bridge. This should be the number your users will call for their bridge. You can add multiple numbers to suit your preference.
  3. Go back to your Smart PBX dashboard and click on Users. After which, click on the User Features for a specific user.
  4. Click on the Conference Bridge icon and enable it. Set a personal conference room number. After which, users will now have their own personal Conference Bridge and all they need to do is to enter a 10-digit phone number and room number.
  5. Save Changes to finish the set up.

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