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  1. You need to go to http://www.counterpath.com/x-lite.html or http://www.zoiper.com/en and download the program for the softphone and follow the instructions. 4041
  2. After you have installed the software, please go to your Smart PBX dashboard and select the Users option.
  3. Click on the specific user’s Devices and select Add Device and then Softphone42
  4. You need to fill out the basic information, the username and password will be provided and just you need to create a device name. 43
  5. Now, you will have to open the Softphone you have downloaded. You will now have to access the Account Information. You will need to add a New SIP Account.
  6. On the SIP Account Window, you will need to input the User Details by transferring the information from our interface to the SIP Account Window.
  7. In the Domain Proxy area, you will need to click two things: 1) the box beside the Register with domain and receive calls and 2) proxy in send outbound via section and you will be required to input the SIP server address. After you’re done, click OK.

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