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Prerequisites :

  • A username and password for your DID account to send sms, you can grab it from our support.

Windows Setup

OSX Setup

Pidgin (Windows)
1. Download the latest Pidgin client by clicking here
2. Upon opening, please click the Accounts menu and then click Manage Accounts.

3. Click on Add.

4. Click on Protocol menu and please choose XMPP. It is located near the bottom.

5. On the username area, please enter your number. On the domain, please put s.ms, on Resource please key in Pidgin and then input an account password. Then click Add

6. On the Buddy List window, Click on Buddies and then Add Buddy to add contacts.

7. Please input the person’s cell phone number on Buddy’s Username and his name on Alias but this is optional. Then Click Add.

8. You now have SMS capability. Enjoy!
9. To send an SMS simple create a new message and send to number@sms ( eg 7304560345@sms).

Adium (OSX)

  1. After downloading the client (here), go ahead and open it. And go to Adium Setup Assistant.
  2. On service, please select Jabber, on Jabber ID please input yournumber@s.msunder Password, please input your password.
  3. Click Done.
  4. Now you are set up and good to go!
  5. To send an SMS simple create a new message and send to number@sms ( eg 7304560345@sms)

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