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Managing your accounts on the portal is now easier by using the Accounts Manager application. This app can be used to assign administrators, set up call limits, welcome notes that will pop-up whenever an administrator login and to choose what applications the customer can access.


This is the overview of your account. You will see basic information about your account which is the status, account name, and account realm. Also, you can add the account administrator if you haven’t from the initial set-up and also for technical and billing contacts.

Setting up call limits:

You can choose how many trunks the account can use and also to which places and numbers it can call and also your current balance for per-minute calls.


This tool can be used a way to inform other administrators of the account for certain changes and/or announcements.

App Exchange:

This application is used so that you can choose which apps the account can use.


The Accounts Manager app is a great tool you can use for customization and is used mainly for new installs and for setting up test accounts for potential clients. It is very easy to use and highly intuitive.

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