Aasani has a premier VoIP reseller program unrivaled by the competition for one reason and one reason alone, thats our commitment to the channel. The landscape of telecom is changing everyday all around us, and with the advent of VoIP and the multitude of reseller programs turning a profit and remaining consistent in an ever evolving marketplace is harder than ever. With many businesses  making the transition to VoIP phone systems and away from traditional key systems the profits just arent what they use to be in yester years model so finding a  partner that can offer a VoIP phone system reselling program thats fits your needs and not just the ITSP is paramount. Aasani has designed our VoIP resell solutions to fit your business needs offering three different partner programs starting wtih our Premier Partner Program with unrivaled commissions, and two different options of our white lable VoIP reseller solutions White Label Enterprise, and White Label Pro. Our team is here to guide you through the process wether youre a white label carrier with hundreds of end users, or a integrator coming from the world of key systems dipping your toes in the world of VoIP reselling for the frst time we have the VoIP Resell soltion that we will design to fit your needs. Why loose client ownership, hardware sales profits, or continued commissions when here at Aasani we offer the best of all both worlds. We can deliver our SIP trunks over a world calss hoasted solution, handed off as analog trunks or PRI to your clients legacy systems, and native SIP to your onsite IP PBX. Our world class billing system gives you a partner portal to analyze your clients invoices or see your commissions, client ticketing system, provisioning system, and partner portal wher you can manage your resellers or white label partners we have something for every user. Call today and speak with one of our channle mangers and learn why is it so many VoIP Resllers are transitioning from their current provider to Aasanis VoIP Reselling platform.  



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